Hi, I am Danielle Porter.

Danielle Marie Photography is my photography business where I focus my passion toward families, maternity, and newborns. What separates me from other photographers (besides my creative and unique photography style of course) is my focus on the customers experience. I put a lot of thought into what each specific customer wants and how I can add my own personal touch to the shoot to make it truly unique and exceed even their expectations. I want my customers to enjoy shooting with me as much as I enjoy shooting them so they feel great about not only the photos they get, but also the process they went through with me to capture those photos.










Danielle Marie


Danielle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

When I sit down to think how I started my photography business, it makes me smile thinking of the journey that photography has taken me on.
Like a lot of people’s stories my love for photography started as a kid. I remember my mom always taking photographs of my sisters and I in every small or big moment that she could capture. She then would take those photos and work for hours strategically pairing them with themed cut outs, stickers or slogans for all three of our individual photo albums.
I truly didn’t appreciate her craft then, but now when I look through these photo albums I see such creative detail, witty captions and eye catching images as she was telling a story, her story that made me feel a part of that fantastic memorable moment again.
Being around such creativity, I witnessed the joy photography brought not only to me but to everyone who looked through these magnificent storytelling photo albums. This, my friends, is what drove my passion and love for photography.


“All of Danielle's images are so spot and look effortless.”